Training - Training Regulation

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1 | Objective

This regulation aims to describe the operating rules applicable to the training activity of GraduaL. GraduaL develops intra-company and inter-company training.


2 | Identification and contacts

GraduaL - Serviços de Gestão, Lda. | NIPC 505 362 040

Opening hours: 09h00 - 13h00 to 15h00 - 19h00

Phone: 217113119

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Address: Estrada de Benfica, n.º 381, 3º Dto, 1500-076 Lisboa, Portugal


3 | Definition and change of schedules, places and calendars

3.1 The schedule, place and calendar of the course is defined with the representative of the Client. GraduaL reserves the right to postpone or cancel the training session for any reason that makes it impossible to proceeed.

3.2 The cancellation or postponement is communicated by telephone or email to the representative of the Client Organization.

3.3 GraduaL reserves the right to change times and / or trainers in the course, if it is forced to do so for reasons of force majeure.

3.4 GraduaL reserves the right not to reschedule a course whose alteration to the schedule, place and calendar that has not been communicated by the client Organization at least 10 working days in writing.


4 | Interruptions and possibility of repetition of sessions

4.1 The GraduaL shall reschedule any session which it is obliged to interrupt due to force majeure.

4.2 GraduaL reserves the right not to reschedule any session that has been interrupted by the Client Organization.


5 | Payments and returns

5.1 Payment can be made by check, cash or bank transfer.

5.2 When canceling or postponing a training course GraduaL returns the whole value.

5.3 GraduaL will reimburse 50% of the value of the course when the Client Organization cancels it at least 10 working days before the start date.

5.4 When Certificates are issued, they will only be delivered to the Client Organization until payment of the course whole value.


6 | Criteria and methods of evaluation of training

6.1 Courses with an evaluation scheme shall be governed by the methodology indicated in the training proposal.

6.2 The completion of a course with evaluation presupposes the issue of a Training Certificate.

6.3 The completion of an action without evaluation presupposes the issuance of a Participation Certificate.

6.4 Absences of the trainee exceeding 20% ​​of the total duration of the course will result in non-completion and consequent non-issuance of Certificate.


7 | General description of roles and responsibilities

7.1 Responsible for training

To manage and coordinate the Training Policy, ensuring: the planning, execution, monitoring, control and evaluation of the plan of activities; management of resources allocated to training; external relations; the articulation with the maximum responsible of the entity and with the receivers of the formation; the promotion of continuous review and improvement actions and the implementation of quality training mechanisms.

Ensure that the training practices implemented in the entity are in harmony with the certification requirements.

7.2 Pedagogical Coordinator

Support the training management and pedagogical management of the same, ensuring: articulation with the training manager; articulation with the team of trainers at the program design stage; pedagogical follow-up of trainees and trainers in the implementation phase of the action; the resolution of pedagogical and organizational issues of courses, among others; promote the necessary guidance for the dissemination and recruitment of trainers; selecting trainers based on skills, certification and certification (where necessary); prepare the Annual Activity Balance, justifying deviations and proposing corrective measures, closing the Technical and Pedagogical Dossier of the course; implement tools for assessing trainers' performance and trainee satisfaction; coordinate the updating of the training file.

7.3 Trainer

Prepare and develop pedagogically the training measures, ensuring: the preparation of the training program; the elaboration of pedagogical resources for program development, such as session plans, manuals, exercises, among others; the monitoring of training activities, through the application of appropriate teaching methods to the target groups and objectives of the training; the application of evaluation methods and instruments.


8 | Complaint handling procedure

Any complaint must be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within a maximum of 5 business days after the occurrence. A confirmation of receipt of the email will be sent. The complaint will be analyzed by the Quality Manager, which will open a record of non-compliance and within a maximum period of 30 days will be presented a response by email.