There are numerous factors that contribute to the success of an organization, including leadership and management.

GraduaL's consultants direct their clients to the best practices in several areas of management:

Human resource Management,

Financial management,

Production Management,

Quality management

Information management

Logistics management

among others.


The use of consultants offers some advantages, namely:

- introduction of new knowledge and experience, which can be used to solve existing problems;

- greater focus, once the consultant dedicates himself exclusively to the problem while an internal team divides his attention among several tasks;

- fulfillment of deadlines, it is the obligation of the consultant not to let deadlines slip nor it is subject to "emergencies";

- external view, the consultant is not "blinded" to the way the company works;

- neutrality, the consultant is not subject to hierarchical relations, internal competitions, animosities;

- less resistance to change, a consulting process predisposes workers to participate in change processes.


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