Marking the beginning of 2023, it´s with great satisfaction that we make known Gradualelectry!

It is a consortium established by Gradual with ElectyConsulting and Nabalia, renowned companies in the energy sector.

We intend, through this partnership and our approach, to maximize the management and energy efficiency of our Customers, providing solutions for significant savings in energy contracting, adjusting the profile of their consumption points.

For about 3 years, we have been working on the preparation and dynamization of marketing events, with success.

We present projects tailored to our clients and develop team building situations that involve the employees of the companies and motivate them to achieve their business objectives.

The events are promoted to the satisfaction and in harmony with the indications of each client and are characterized, especially, by lunches and dinners, in various environments, both in the countryside and in the city and with all the expenses of travel, meal and stay included.