For this year, our mission is to carry out very, very difficult projects.



Marking the beginning of 2023, it´s with great satisfaction that we make known Gradualelectry!

It is a consortium established by Gradual with ElectyConsulting and Nabalia, renowned companies in the energy sector.

We intend, through this partnership and our approach, to maximize the management and energy efficiency of our Customers, providing solutions for significant savings in energy contracting, adjusting the profile of their consumption points.

For about 3 years, we have been working on the preparation and dynamization of marketing events, with success.

We present projects tailored to our clients and develop team building situations that involve the employees of the companies and motivate them to achieve their business objectives.

The events are promoted to the satisfaction and in harmony with the indications of each client and are characterized, especially, by lunches and dinners, in various environments, both in the countryside and in the city and with all the expenses of travel, meal and stay included.



As it happened last year 2021, we continue, peacefully, our Mission of implementation and management processes, internally and externally (Clients), which ensure the Solvency of Organizations with Specialized Consulting, Auditing and Professional Training Solutions.

Indeed, in perfect harmony with the guidelines of international quality benchmarks (ISO 9000).

Besides, the troubled period and uncertainties we are still going through is, in itself, a test of sobriety and resilience for the maintenance and survival of people and companies.

Gradual, represented by its Workers, professional employees, dedicated and demanding, associated with a continuously growing competence of more than 22 years, is outstanding in the pursuit of its Mission!




In this year 2021, during which we celebrate our 21st anniversary, and have reached a maturity of management of very high quality in the economic and financial context, but especially social that we are all experiencing, with the pandemic that afflicts the whole of humanity, Gradual is implementing exceptional management measures, mainly focused on the solvency of the organizations with which it collaborates.

The best practices that we have always implemented are today corsed with a strong sense of responsibility and, at the same time, a responsibility, with a view to the absolute guarantee of execution, in a real context, of the management agreed with our clients and in perfect harmony with the expectation of strategy in the best and highest advice provided on the international market.


We are almost reaching 20 years of existence with hard, rigorous and extremely demanding work ... In this moment of clear crisis, we have already created specific solutions and strategies to apply this year and the next, taking into account the exceptional characteristics of the market, due to Covid 19. For the benefit of our Clients and the market in general, we continue with the determination that characterizes us, to design, define and implement Xpert Management Solutions!


18th anniversary


It is with great satisfaction that we celebrate our 18th anniversary.

This journey would not have been possible without the commitment of our employees, the trust of our customers and the support of our partners.

It has been a challenging course but extremely rewarding! We commit ourselves to continue our work to contribute to the development of agile, efficient and effective companies and organizations.

Thank you all!

ISO 45001


In Portugal, in 2017, 119 workers died due to accidents at work, half of them in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Last year, there were 398 serious work accidents, 50% more than in 2015.

4189 occupational diseases were certified in 2016.

With this reality in mind, it is urgent to adopt measures aimed at guaranteeing the health and safety of workers.

(Source ACT)

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General Data Protection Regulation


Information security is a specialty of GraduaL and it concerns the protection of certain data, with the intention of preserving its respective values for an organization (company) or an individual.

We can understand as information all content or data valuable to an individual / organization, which consists of any content with capacity for storage or transfer, that serves a certain purpose and that is of utility to the human being.
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ISO 39001


NP ISO 39001: 2017 - Road safety management systems (RS) has been published. Requirements and guidelines for application.

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